Legacy Winchester

"Preserving Winchester's Digital Past and Present."

The Legacy Winchester Project, a project of the Winchester Historical Society, seeks to both preserve and make readily available the electronically/digitally recorded history of Winchester Massachusetts.  Join us and indicate your interest by signing up  or use the Contact form and providing your input.


The Legacy Winchester Project is bringing together stakeholders and interested persons to establish a process to capture, index, store, retrieve and display the digitized history of the town of Winchester, both past and present.  The mandate is clear: those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat mistakes, sometimes big ones.  Clarity of the town's history might even bring into light scandalous or shameful events, even as traditional history might prefer to celebrate major accomplishments.   That is the role of an accurate history, to record faithfully and accurately the people and events all around.

New technologies bring new challenges: not just video (traditional and live streaming broadcasts), but Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and even as FaceBook becomes the social media of grandparents and high school reunions. The stories that are told there are no less important and deserving of archiving for now and the future.

Legacy Winchester Team

Joyce Westner

Shukong Ou

Peter Engeldrum