Media Sources

Mass Memories Roadshow

  • Video

  • Still images w/data

Media Sources from former cable TV producers

    • Ellen Knight - c1987 Arts program, Winchester and environs, once a month program. On DVD's.

    • Allan Eyden - early c1980's Monthly Winchester news program. On DVD's "in the basement". From Continental Cablevision days.

    • More hidden history from other producers?

Town Events & Cablecasts from WinCAM ( )

    • Select Board meetings are broadcast and stored on DVD (and media server for on-demand replay for a short time).

    • Town Meetings - on VHS tapes and DVD's in Winchester Library.

    • Community members contributions of:

      • Video based programs/events - sports,

      • Podcasts

    • The "on demand" portion has only a small portion of what must be available on the media server

    • WinCAM archive of cablecast shows from c1990.


Analog recordings, e.g. oral histories